But the Obvious!

Duality of Truth

Posted by Irus on June 12, 2007

A balanced view is as rare as it is valuable. Take for instance the popular philosophical concept of staying in the present. ‘Don’t think of the future’ we are advised. But if one did not think of the future where would we be?

Similar is the popular debate between individualism and unselfishness. The West is typically shown as being individualistic. The East is more family oriented. So which principle is right? Again, both. The two principles are applied in two different choices. In the choice of a field of activity, we must go by our ‘swadharma’ or inherent nature but actions in the field must be unselfish. If one’s nature is to be a doctor, choose medicine. Nothing else should influence our choice of what to do. However, having chosen the field of activity, in it, in the choice of individual actions, it is vital to be unselfish.

We express our concern for others in the field we have chosen. In other words, we must be unselfish in our chosen field of activity. In the choice of becoming a doctor the only factor to be considered is his nature or inclination. Having become a doctor, he must practice concern for others. Thus individualism and unselfishness coexist.

It is pertinent to note that Quantum mechanics suggests the concept of Dual reality as well. The next logical step in the spiritual exploration is a study of Quantum mechanics. So till then.

Adios fellows.


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