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India Vs. China – Valentine’s Day

Posted by Irus on February 15, 2008

It is well known India trails China economically. Time for some cultural comparisons. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Let’s see how Valentine’s was celebrated in the two nations.

Indian Valentine’s Celebrations


GUARDING INDIA? Saffron brigade smears black paint on another couple

Chinese Valentine’s Celebrations


WHEN CUPID STRIKES: A couple participates in a kissing contest in Wuhan, China, on Valentine’s Day. From Bondi beach to Bangkok to Beijing, people speed-dated, sang ballads and handed out roses


The question is how much longer will Indian society stay primitive? How long will Indian’s hypocrisy between public and private morality continue to torture youngsters in the country?


8 Responses to “India Vs. China – Valentine’s Day”

  1. sahi kaha tumne Invisagod…

  2. belle said

    Too right, India can publish the Kama Sutra books which are available publically, they can produce Bollywood movies some of which could be classed as soft porn, yet kissing in public is “obscene”?

    Its pretty much hypocricy, sometimes I’m ashamed of being Indian.

  3. Josh said

    well said Belle…

  4. Simrat said

    @Belle I would have to partially agree with you. There are extremists in every part of the world, however don’t let bring you down. The stupidest thing to say is being ashamed of who you are. You’re not against Valentines Day, and neither am I. However we have a few crackpots who show aggression for the smallest of things. Anyways Jai Hind & Let the new year flourish with India being focused on more important things.

  5. during Valentines Day, i always give my girlfriend some roses collection for her to enjoy _

  6. during valentines day, i always give my girlfriend a very warm hug that she enjoys ,’*

  7. amitabh said

    we invented the origin of porn…..kamasutra xD, thats something..

  8. amitabh said

    hi, i born in spain & my parents are from india.ive been in india like 4 times, and its true that in some points the people there in terms of sexuality are a little old, and you know i wanted to taste the real india food, u know what i mean, and its hard men, even if im from outside,young and good looking guy, and also the girls are strangely shy. When i went in China the girls are more open minded…

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