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Sixth Pay Commission – Pay Scales Released

Posted by Irus on March 21, 2008

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Updated 25th March 2008:-

Official : Sixth Pay Commission Pay Calculator

Comparing fifth and sixth Pay Commission reports.


Some Observations :-

  1. Fifth CPC terminology of “Basic Pay” is comparable to Sixth CPC terminology of “Total Pay”.

  1. All previous pay commissions taken on average had given an increase of 3.3 times for basic pays.

  1. Sixth Pay commission has raised Basic/Total Pay 2.5 times on average and is lagging behind the previous pay commissions by 25% approximately.

  1. However allowances have been increased e.g. TA and Children education etc. quantum of increase being more than previous pay commissions.

  1. On the whole legitimate needs of employees have been met like Finance Minister stated during budget but it is far from being a Bonanza!

  1. What do you think does this CPC fulfill your expectations?

The full-text of the report has been released and put up on the web site of Sixth Central Pay Commission. Here are the links:

Here are some interesting write ups on Pay commission



and finally studies on which CPC recommendations are based


Happy Holi!


74 Responses to “Sixth Pay Commission – Pay Scales Released”

  1. vandana said

    we expected a lot ,but its all hungama all these days
    i liked the comment “all goi employees soon seen with begging
    bowls ” rather than the pay scales
    god bless goi employees
    better luck in next birth

  2. ABDUL JABBAR said

    cabinet secrataries and secrataries got more than what they expect and in lover level got thumb.

  3. N S Rao said

    It is not a comment but request for information.

    What is the length of service for entitlement to PENSION under Sixth Pay Commission

  4. 20 said

    6th pay commission is a result of great expectation of govt servants

  5. nagarajan said

    whether the 10000-15200 and 14300-16500 is merged?

  6. hi, this is about my previous post in this place. how can I see the replies posted by others to me. As well as, in the site only, calculate your salary and arrears. I have already posted my basic and other details. But, I have yet to receive the arrears figure by email. can I get to see the same at your earliest? Thanks again.


  7. rajinder said

    when govt released 6th pay comm.

  8. Dr. Anupma said

    i am working in a govt hosp. my basic is 8000-275-13500….what will be my expected salary in the sixth pay commission?

  9. saurav said

    when will the DOPT allocate services for 2007?

  10. Malcolm said

    After the revised final list comes.

  11. saurav said


  12. Irus said

    yes the list is out


    the list has superseded the previous list released on 16th May 2008

    96 reserved candidates have been moved to the Reserve List of 192 candidates from the main list.

    There is an additional intake of 96 general candidates but they have not been added to the main list but added to the reserve list. So the names of fresh intake of general category candidates will stay a mystery till the Reserve list comes out.

    But the names of reserved candidates in Reserve list is already known when the 734 candidates list is compared with the 638 candidates list.

  13. saurav said


  14. Irus said

    it should start now most likely but the results are still provisional…

  15. N.V.N.MURTY said

    hi…am a gov employee…we are very eagerly waiting for the 6th pay commision..but..
    my basic pay is 4750..could u please send me my salary expected for the sixth pay commision including all allowances…

  16. AtulSinha said

    My basic was 8125 on 01.01.2006 in the scale 5500-9000. I got promotion on 01.01.2007 and the basic was fixed as 8300 on next date of increment i.e. 01.02.2007,in the scale of 6500-10500. May I know my present basic pay and total emoluments as on July 2008.

  17. AtulSinha said

    My basic was 8125 on 01.01.2006 in the scale 5500-9000. I got promotion on 01.01.2007 and the basic was fixed as 8700 on next date of increment i.e. 01.02.2007,in the scale of 6500-10500. May I know my present basic pay and total emoluments as on July 2008.

  18. Murty said

    Hi friends,
    I am a retired pensioner.One of our friends suggested online to follow the following links to know our exact revised pay/pension.I followed it and could know my pension.This link would also help existing Central Govt.Employees.
    At the end I sincerely thank the genleman who gave this valuable info.I am not mentioning his name as I honestly felt I should not bring his name with out his permission.

    1.Go to govt.in/govt/report_index.php
    2.Select the second option viz; Principles of Pay determination and Pay scales,
    3.Now go to 2.2.2 and scroll through
    4.Check your basic based on Pay scale and increment from the Table.BASIC PAY is available in the last column.
    Once you open you will know every thing as our Govt.is certainly transperent and every detail is put on on line.

  19. Murty said

    Thank you

  20. Mr. Murty i believe the link you are refering to is http://india.gov.in/govt/report_index.php# This however is the report as on March 2008 and not the latest one. Thank you

  21. pitunu said

    I have jount my work on Dec. 2006 on the basic pay scale of 5500-175-9000 and get increment for one yr and now my basic pay scale is 5675. What will be my expected pay and arear after the new pay scale of Sixth pay commission.

  22. pl. calculte my salary and arears, my basic pay on jan2006 was 6375 on the scale os 5500-9000,my increment month is july, iam in technical job (lab.tech)

  23. n k chauhan said

    pl.calculate my salary and arrears, my basic pay on jan 2006 was 9500 in the scale 7500-12000, my increament month is dec i m in central school for tibetans under mhrd and postedat Dalhousie hp 176304.

  24. vimlesh chaudhri said

    pl.calculate and send me my new salary and arrears.
    My basic pay on jan 2006 was 9000 in the scale 6500-11500, my increment month is Jan i am in Delhi Administration school.

  25. GEETA TANEJA said

    Dear sir,
    I am working in mcd school as a teacher since 1999,my increment month is july. My pay scale is 4500-125-7000 RS.PL calculate my salary acc.to sixth pay commission and arrears.

  26. RANJIT KUMAR said

    I am working as a Group B(Supdt.in Central Excise&Customs)Officer.My month Of increment is Oct.My present B.Pay is Rs.8750/-.Pl.calculate my present pay and arrears.

  27. pawan said

    hi, i am working as a lecturer in the university of delhi in the pay scale of 8000-275-13500, i want to know the revised salary for the said post.


  28. piz calculate my salaries & arrear.my basic pay on january 06 is 3500 on the pay scale 3050-75-3950-80-4950. my increment month is febuary.

  29. Bhawna said

    Dear sir,
    I am working in mcd school as a teacher since 2005,my increment month is April. My pay scale is 4500-125-7000 RS.Please calculate my salary and arrears acc.to sixth pay commission.

  30. Yogesh said

    Hello sir,
    I am working as a Instrurtor in engg. college. My pay Scale is 5500-175-8000. Please calculate my salary and arrears according to new sixth pay commission which is declare in PM in 15 Aug. 2008.

  31. Sunil Bhardwaj said

    hello sir,
    i am working as a P.G.T in scale 6500-200-10500.i joined on 1st november 2007. please calculate my new salary according to sixth pay commission.

  32. vimal said

    hi, my pay is 8500/month now due to sixth pay commision wage increment how much pay has increased per month.

  33. VAIRAM said


  34. Ketan said

    Very Good for Central Govt. Employees. But I know only that “Increment of Jr. Clerk of Pub. Sector Banks and LIC can compare to Class One Officer of Central Govt.” That means we are BACK to THEM for 10 Year as Currnent Strike will invite them for settlement which will due w.e.f. August 2007.
    However, enjoy new Pay.

  35. charanjit singh said

    currently my basic pay is 4900/- can u please tell me how much will i get after the implementation of 6th pay commission and how much could i get as arrears.

  36. S.K.HARI said

    My present scale is Rs.8000-275-13500 Please tell me the exact payscale as per 6th pay commission

  37. Iam Employee of IG Mint My present basic pay-3090 DA-1545 HRA-1391 CCA-200 please tell me that exact payscale as per 6th pay commission.

  38. Shrikanth said

    Iam serving in Defence now am Naik(Rank)My present basic pay-3595 please tell me that exact payscale as per 6th pay commission.

  39. Ravi said


    What are the revised pay-band and grade pay for old scale of 4000-100-6000

  40. inder jit said

    me working as TGT TEACHER in the pay scale of 5500.00 in 1.10.2007 i got a ACP now my basic pay is 7400.00 pl tel what my basic pay fix and how much arrear i got

  41. Irus said

    Mr. Ravi Mr. Inderjit Mr. Malku everyone please go to http://www.surispace.net to get this information.

    I have shifted the website now. All queries will be answered over there. Thank you

  42. venkat said

    hi, my pay scale is 4000-100-6000 pls calculate my arears

  43. Irus said

    Mr. Venkat Mr. please go to http://www.surispace.net to get this information.

    I have shifted the website now. All queries will be answered over there. Thank you

  44. neeraj said

    hi, i m neeraj & i m working in M.C.D. as an Asst. Sanitary Inspector.My current pay scale is 4000-7100 & my increment is due in april. So cn u plz cal. my salary acc. to sixth pay comm.

  45. Irus said

    Please visit our new website http://surispace.net for answers to pay commission queries

  46. Sarjeev Mehara said

    My basic pay is Rs. 8975/-. Please calculate my salary in new pay scale.

  47. My basic pay is Rs. 10250/- as on january 06 in the old pay scale of 7500-12000.I got my ACP in the month of june 06 in the scale of 10000-15200.Accordingly my basic pay fixed on Rs 10900/-.What will be my new scale and basic pay as on june 06..

  48. sathesh said


  49. mohan Gamit said

    Hi i am working as a teacher in central school .My basic on 1-1-06 was 5500. please inform me about my pay scale grade pay & gross pay.

  50. Satender kumar said

    Hi I am working as a teacher in MCD school.My basic pay on 1.1.2008 was 5500 please imform me about my pay grade pay and gross pay.

  51. ramachandran said

    please inform 3200-85-4900 scale detailes

  52. sir,
    i am a pensioner. my basic is presently Rs. 5175. please infirm my increament.

  53. ajoy said

    iam a employee of survey of india but i could not find our ministry stength and other requrments reached to the pay commision how can we judge justice with us

  54. dr. sera kispotta said

    what will be my gross salary as my pay scale was 8000-275-13500 in july 2007

  55. Why technical personals are discouraged in this pay commission?

  56. Naveen said

    I was retired from Air Force from 01.12.93, what are the benifits I will be getting from which dates.

  57. Sir,

    I know ruling of increment. If training started on dated 15.01.2007 and joining 10.04.2007. Have I not seleted in take increment in July 2007. tell me about this .

  58. anju verma said

    are there no new implementations for the primary school teachers in the sixth pay commission?

    • anju verma said

      if any new implementations for the primary teachers what will be my salary if my basic salary is Rs.5175/-

  59. ujjwal said

    I am a retired honorary flying officer and I was retired on 31 jan 2010 .In the old scale(Vth pay comn.)HFO
    scale was Rs.10,500/- and now there is a lot of confusion.? Please clarify how much pay/pension one HFO should ?

  60. Parshotam Lal said


    Iam an ex-servicemen of Indian Army. Discharged from Bengal Engineer Group Roorkee on 30-09-2009.

    I am not getting any pension till date due to fault of my Bankers i.e SBI Akhnoor due to non return of my corrigendum PPO which held with Bank. What remedy should I observe so that I can get my pension, commutation and gratuity at the earliest. I am facing great financial hardship.

    Please provide me following information i.e
    Basic pension.

    My basic pay at the time of retirment was Rs.9380/-
    Grade pay 2800/-
    Military service pay- 2000/-
    Date of birth -01-12-1970
    Date of joining 30-03-1991
    Date of retirement – 30-09-2009.

    Please intimate me on my email-ID i.e parshotam71@yahoo.com

    Thanking you.

    Yours faithfully,


  61. shilpi said


  62. shilpi said

    I worked in a school for 13 years from april 95 to sept 2007. Will I get the arrears as per sixth commission. Can I put a claim for the same in the school . Please help me

  63. payment solutions…

    […]Sixth Pay Commission – Pay Scales Released « But the Obvious![…]…

  64. Angelcenter…

    […]Sixth Pay Commission – Pay Scales Released « But the Obvious![…]…

  65. vasanthi said

    A person having 17 years of experience as PGT and promoted as Vice-Principal in the same school with 2 years of experience as Vice-Principal, what will be the pay fixation as per the sixth pay commission if the sixth pay is implemented only now fresh.Will the experience as PGT be taken in to account?Kindly clarify.
    What will be the pay band for the same?

  66. Ajay Sh said

    my basic and pay grade is 24800. Please tell my current salary according to sixth pay commission. I shall be very thankful to you.

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