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UPSC selection process – reservations.

Posted by Irus on July 17, 2008

The UPSC system of selection is a good balance of merit and affirmative action.

What i feel is needed is

Firstly, a clarity on the definition of General/Open Category seats.

Available here refers to giving a choice to candidates at the beginning of the application process


Given here refers to the end of selection process where the final list is prepared

should these “open-seats” be “available”+”given” to everyone including reserved category? (As the standard of performance of Reserved candidates goes up continuously “giving” seats will lead eventually to zero selections from general category as they have no quota once we use the definition that “General seats” as “given” to “ALL”) Which is double reservation.


Whether these “open seats” should be “available” to those who mention their category as “General” in their forms from the beginning (As these seats are already “available” to everyone while applying. these should not be “given” to “everyone” once the reserved candidate has forfeited his right of applying in the seats already “available” to all)


Secondly, the question of responsibility of state.

Is it to “enable” the backward category to be able to compete for jobs on the same footing as with general via reservations in higher education?


giving reservation in higher education and jobs both? which is double reservation and dilution of the concept of “equality of opportunity”.

Personal Verdict

1. General category should be open to only those who apply as general since the option to apply as general is available to all

2. Reservation benefit should be available at one point, either jobs OR in higher education at the discretion of the candidate, NOT both.


30 Responses to “UPSC selection process – reservations.”

  1. praveen said

    upsc does a good job & its the only organisation whose integrity is beyond challenge, offlate it has been vandalized by mandal politicians & student unions that it is discriminating them which is a cheap publicity stunt

    in india we fallow a policy of positive affirmative action 2 represent the underrepresented classes in jobs & 49.5% is bench marked for them

    regarding the 50-5%, it is open or unreserved which is open to everyone & needs to be filled purely by merit & if it is made open to ppl of of GEN,then 50.5% will become quota for GEN which violates the very principle of reservation as enshrined in our constitution.

    the basic flaw in reservation policy is due reservation for OBC who are undefined by constitution unlike SC/ST whose criteria for reservation is just.

    there many people in OBC category who really deserve reservation & really poor, but the agony is that under competitive vote bank politics many rich & politically assertive people like Sharad Pawar, Deve Gowda & not to speak about Tamil Nadu got themselves included as OBC’s.

    these prosperous people benefitting out from reservation makes GEN cat person who competes under narrow competition feel frustrated against the policy of reservation & ultimately the reservation is turning out be divisive issue & its failing to fulfill the purpose it tends to serve

    also these rich people ruin the chances & oppurtunities of poor legitimate OBC’s from rural india who really deserve reservation for upliftment

  2. Deepa said

    i agree with you points broadly praveen but what is the solution? Infact when you say this below then this is creating more problems than solving.

    “regarding the 50-5%, it is open or unreserved which is open to everyone & needs to be filled purely by merit & if it is made open to ppl of of GEN,then 50.5% will become quota for GEN which violates the very principle of reservation as enshrined in our constitution.”

    It becomes a General quota and whats bad about that Praveen? Afterall anyone can apply in General category to begin with.

  3. saurav said


  4. Abhishek said

    I totally agree with Saurav who has commented above me. Just because of this senseless reservation our country will remain in the dumps with corruption being the main issue. People from the so-called backward classes misuse the unfair reservation system! Or country’s going to the dogs! Pls save india!!!

  5. Arun Singh said

    I completely disagree with Mr.Praveen’s comment about 50.5% open category. He says that if the open category be made available only to GEN, then it will become a GEN quota. I would rather ask him to compare the population of GEN candidates with those who are reserved.The GEN candidates are clearely being cheated without getting benefit for their meritorious effort.

    Infact this hasty gameplan of spoonfeeding through reservation should stop.Otherwise the reserved cat people would never know to struggle in life.And never they can serve poor India because only a man who has struggled to get something can understand the difficulties of others. These candidates who get through without any effort,will never bother to put any effort for the welfare of the nation.Infact they become the branches of already grown tree called “CURRUPTION”
    Thats all I would say.

    • Abhijit Pegu said

      I am greatly disaappointed with Mr. Arun Singh`s approach towards the Indian Government`s reservation policy.I would like to ask Mr. Arjun if he can imagine a village in India in the year 2k10 where there`s no electricity,no supply of kerosene oil to burn the lamps, no concrete road, not a single school even a primary one in the range of 100 km.., avillage ravaged by the floods every year deatroying the crops,killing the cattles not mentioning the houses which are swept away by river water waves 10 feet high ! Is this infallible ambience not enough to arrest one`s mind to have reservation for the Sceduled Tribe communities of the “Mishing”, “Bodo”,”Deori” and several other tribes of Assam? STRUGGLE is the only action learnt by the little hungry kids of my place and EFFORT : where do we put our effort.if we don`t have the basic needs of life? I don`t think Dr. B.R. Ambedkar was mistaken when he instituted reservations for us.Thank you.

  6. nimisha jha said

    Reservation is fine only till when it does not come into the way of meritocracy.
    This so called affirmative action has ripped the nation with a sadistic pleasure of looking forward from the back
    civil services a common platform for all india candidates has a pass percentage of 0.025 for genral category………..what is this>???? is this justice and to top it all students from the reserved category gets the benefit of resevation in age and attempts and when they get a high rank they take a general seat…..case still pending with SC…this is surely anarchy where is india heading to…..a class APART nation……..

  7. Akash said

    Give me information abt seats quota for obc,how to fill form , seats available in eng. , colleges under upsc

  8. sasireka said

    hey guys,
    can any one give me exact position of the case regarding reservation issue which is still pending in supreme court?i heard the case is under the constitutional bench headed by cheif justice.i was in the waiting list 2006 batch.but now i am in USA still eager to know the judgement….!!!!

  9. Chetan said

    Mr Arun and saurav. Do u guys know the population distribution of india, 60-65 percent of the indian population constitute sc/st’s and OBC’s and 90 percent of sc/st and around 60% of OBC people stay under poverty line where as less than 5 percent of general candidates are below poverty line. Looking at this statistics you might have realised the need of reservation, coming out of your selfish approach. You have 50 percent of the seats with you and your population is mere 10-15 percent of national population. You might wonder why category seats especially sc st in all class 3 class 2 and class 2 posts, engineering and medical seats remain vacant. General guys grab even those seats in casual vacancy counselling round. Looking at this scenario, Dont you feel how vital is the reservation policy for the upliftment of the nation.. Even i am a general category student, but during my national tour of indian villages, i realized the pain and sufferings of the backward people. Guys!! Come out of your comfort zone and have a broad minded approach. Even you know, you and people of your class are financially sound. Very happy compared to the downtrodden. Just think!!

  10. please read supreme court rule 1993 AIR 477 SC.

  11. upse selection process is better but supreme court ruls 1993 AIR 477 SC is avoid, why ?

  12. jpm

  13. Avinash Chavan said

    Hi guys according to above described opinions I may want to leave some onpinios. Backward class ppls (SC ST VJ NT) are facing many problems to survive in the society. As they are believed to lower class from other societies. thats why they still working below the hand of these higher class another reson for this is they had not got the property from there elders as like many of higher classers. therefore they are still below powerty line so they could not educate there young ones properly Therefore they could not come into main streme.

  14. Irus said

    Hi Avinash

    everyone is facing problems in the society upper class included.

  15. nitin said

    @ chetan..dear even if u belong to d general category that is insufficient to justify your research in the issue of reservation..

    ur comment- “60-65 percent of the indian population constitute sc/st’s and OBC’s and 90 percent of sc/st and around 60% of OBC people stay under poverty line where as less than 5 percent of general candidates are below poverty line”.dear i’d suggest u to just check the census data for census 2011 n 2001..as u’ve already said that the sc/st/obcs constitute around 60-65% population so let me remind u that this would b the 1st time in the history of indian demographic census that obc headcount would be done..
    i am not against providing benefits to the underprivilidged but the point is that is it possible to quantify who deserves a reservation and who doest’nt..i have had freinds from the reserved categories who have a family background equivalent to me..have had been provided education equivalent to me..still they deserve the quota in the name of representation..is this justice..i am myself an aspirant and had seen my freinds (with quota)scoring far less marks than me and getting through..if u wish to take d agony n anxiety of the underprivilidged then i believe even i feel the same level of frustration as the backwards do..n this quota has been there since d making f d constitution..how much benefit has it done actually to d society..if the status of d underprivilidged has bettered then its due to the economic reforms of 1992 n dat too under the imf and world bank aid conditionality..
    its good that u have travelled across india and had explored and discovered d miseries but this would me shear injustice to demarcate them purely on caste basis..
    i’d like to add 1 more point..that people say there’s a lot f brain drain in india..no1 has ever tried to look for a reason…i think here it is lying.. JUSTICE IS ALL I WANT..try to think without a bias/..

  16. nitin said

    1 more thing..still it is in the global hunger index reports that 42% of the world hungry lives in india..even worse than sub saharan africa..is reservation helping them..self actualisation is the next stage..1st what they need is food..to live..those whose parents were educated (even being in the reserved category)have only got the benefits of quota..n there sons would b getting the same..n still hunger would remain in india..n there would b brain drain..talented ,passionate young workforce would shirk from contributing in the mainstream..then who else would b left..juss make a thought ..is d competitionless reservation really serving???

  17. jagdish meena said

    hey guys i know u all are right in your place i know this is very tough to give competition exam as general but reservation is neccesary for devlopment of country .The poors peoples also want to do job and education.just think abt them.they also want to grow up like u like others.but we have to give them a chance to prove.so please just stop thinking about it!!!!!!!!!

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    UPSC selection process – reservations. « But the Obvious!…

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  20. The Global Man said

    Kalkipuran says, in KALYUG, ther will be rise of the Shudras & all other will be their slaves..i never believed it before but now it seems to be coming true.
    “Whatever bad u do to the people comes back to u”
    Yll never allowed to us to participate, compete, sit or celebrate with u. To match ur status a platform was quite necessary for us. All this times we have struggled working for you, then fought getting equal status and achieved it.
    But dont worry we are the one who take INDIA to the next level. See the difference..India was prosperous when all were equal, most backward when caste came into existence, now since every thing is coming back in place..India has started rising again.
    and m quite sure, INDIA will be the unbeatable power, only when a DALIT becomes the prime minister of INDIA.

    Bye…got to go…

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