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DDA building bylaws

Posted by Irus on July 24, 2007


The Ministry of Urban Development and Poverty Alleviation, Government of India has allowed certain addition(s)/alteration(s) in DDA flats. These are applicable to all flats built and allotted by DDA irrespective of whether these are located in notified and denotified areas. The addition/alteration(s) allowed are categorized in three categories:

  • Condonable: These are minor addition /alteration(s)which do not require structural changes and can be carried out by the owner(s) without any prior intimation/permission of DDA/MCD.
  • Permitted with intimation/permission: These addition(s) / alteration(s) are of major nature which may require structural changes, changes in the service lines and additional coverage.
  • Additional coverage permitted with prior permission.

The details of all the categories of addition / alterations which have been approved by Ministry of Urban Development & Poverty Alleviation by various orders by various orders are given below:


  • To convert existing barsati into room provided the wall is made of only 115 mm thick.
  • Grills and glazing in verandah with proper fixing arrangement.
  • Raising height of front and rear courtyard wall upto 7′ height by putting up jali/fencing.
  • Providing door in courtyard wherever not provided.
  • Providing sunshades on doors and windows wherever not provided with proper fixing arrangements.
  • Closing the door.
  • If the bathroom or WC are not having roof, these may be treated as open urinals and allowed. 8. Raising the wall of balcony/terrace parapet with grill or glazing upto 5′ height.
  • Construction of open staircase (cat ladder) where no staircase has been provided for approach to the terrace.
  • To put provide additional PVC water tank at ground floor area without disturbing the common passage.
  • To provide an additional PVC water tank in the scooter/car garage at the surface level.
  • To provide loft /shelf in the rooms without chase in the walls.
  • To change the flooring with water proofing treatment.
  • To remove half (41/2) brick wall.
  • To make a ramp at front gate without disturbing the common passage /storm water drain.
  • To provide sunshades or the outer windows upto 2’wide projection.
  • To provide false ceiling in rooms.
  • To make an opening of maximum size of 2’6″ x1’9″ for exhaust fan or air-conditioner in existing walls.
  • Fixing of door in back and front courtyard.
  • Converting of window into Almirah subject to availability of light and ventilation as per building byelaws provided that no structural elements are disturbed and there is no projection extending beyond the external wall.
  • Shifting of water storage tank/raising of parapet wall upto 5′ height and putting additional water storage tank. Wherever the existing water storage tank capacity is less than 500 ltrs in a flat, a 500 ltrs tank can either replace the existing water storage tank or if possible the additional tank can be added so as to make the total storage capacity upto 550 ltrs. However, such replacement/provision of additional tank will be done only on the locations specified for such tanks and the supporting beams will be required to be strengthened suitably. Parapet wall around terrace can be increased to a height of 5′.
  • To shift the front glazing, rooms/windows upto existing chajja.


Following addition(s) / alteration(s) can be carried out with prior intimation/permission of the concerned agency i.e. DDA/MCD as per the prescribed procedure:

  • Interchange the position of kitchen,bathroom & WC with proper connections subject to structure safety. To carryout this interchange, all the allottees of one vertical stack will have to apply jointly to the concerned agency.
  • Construction of bath room and WC in the rear courtyard.
  • Covering of open terrace with sloping roofs upto 9′ height with light weight material e.g. fibre glass / AC sheets / GI sheets with pipes and standard angle iron section etc. and enclosing with glazing.
  • Removal of original structure and reconstruction with due permission in the case of single storeyed built up flats only subject to the satisfaction of building bye-laws and prior approval of the local authority.


  • Covering of courtyard and floor level terraces is allowed subject to fulfillment of building byelaws and structural safety. In three or four storeyed flats the owners at upper floor shall have the right to cover the area available as a result of coverage of courtyard /terrace of floor below. In such cases the residents of DDA flats in a vertical stack served by the same staircase should give their consent and jointly apply for permission.
  • In two storeyed flats the allottee at first floor wil have no right of construction above the courtyard built by ground floor allottee. The upper floor allottee of two storeyed flat can use the roof terrace for extra coverage as permissible.
  • A barsati on the roof terrace of the top floor in addition to mumty is allowed. This barsati should preferably be adjoining to the mumty and equivalent to the size of the room below so that construction of wall over is ensured at terrace level. This will be subject to the provision of access to the residents of the block for maintenance of water tank, plumbing system,fixing of TV/Cable antennas etc.

All the addition/alteration(s) and additional coverage will be governed by 5 basic principals:

  • There is no encroachment on the public land.
  • Structural stability of the building is ensured.
  • Light and ventilation of the habitable rooms is ensured as per the building byelaws.
  • There is no infringement of other’s rights.
  • The service elements such as manhole, rainwater fittings, sanitary fittings etc. are not disturbed and remain exposed for periodical inspection and maintenance.

The owner(s) will be allowed to cover additional space with prior permission of the concerned agency i.e DDA/MCD as per the prescribed procedure.

The existing additional covered area and addition(s)/alteration(s) can also be get regularized by the owner(s) of DDA flats if the same are within the prescribed norms following the same procedure.

Procedure of Permission

  • Additions/alterations in DDA flats in the Development Areas of the DDA shall be permitted by DDA and in other areas by MCD.
  • An Architect registered with Council of Architecture under Architects Act 1972 shall have the authority to certify plans for their correctness regarding original construction as well as proposals being in conformity with building byelaws and to the guidelines of addition (s) /alteration(s). Once the plans with all the documents certified by the Architect, structural Engineer and fee are submitted to DDA/MCD, these will be taken on record and treated as permitted.
  • The person(s) who has / have already carried out or intend to make addition(s)/ alteration(s) in the flat(s), shall intimate in writing in the prescribed form and such intimation shall be accompanied alongwith the documents as given in Para 3. The form is to be filled up and jointly certified by the owner(s) and Registered Architect which contains the statement of the proposal and amount deposited. The proposal with all requisite information/documents and certification shall be accepted by DDA/MCD and one coy of the proposal will be certified /stamped and returned to the applicant. Incomplete proposal shall not be accepted.
  • In cases where permission is required for interchanging the position of kitchen, bathroom & WC or for additional coverage in courtyard and terraces, all the owner(s) of one vertical block will jointly submit the proposal to DDA/MCD. In case, where all the owner(s) of one vertical block are not interested to carry out the addition/ alteration but one or two of them are interested, they will have to obtain no Objection Certificate from the remaining owner(s).
  • The Architect(s) may draw the original plan of the flat(s) by measurements and satisfy themselves about their correctness. If need be, they can obtain a certified copy of original plan of the flat from Housing and Urban Projects Wing, DDA on prescribed payment.

Building Plan Fee And Additional Floor Area Charges

A building plan fee of Rs. 200/- will be charged for processing the plans irrespective of covered area involved. In addition to this, a charge of Rs. 450/- per sqm. Will be levied for additional covered area proposed to be constructed. The rate of Rs. 450/- per sqm. is in accordance with the rate given by the Ministry vide order dated 25.09.1998 (Annexure -E) for additional FAR in group housing pockets.

Provision of Test Check

DDA/MCD reserves the right to test check the proposal / completion submitted to it and in case it is found that the proposal / completion is not in conformity with building bye-laws / given guidelines for addition(s)/alteration(s) in DDA flats, the permission will be revoked and action will be taken against the Architect as per Rules and Regulations, and the construction which is not in conformity with building bye-laws and guidelines will be removed as per provisions of Delhi Development Act/ DMC Act.

Documents to be Submitted

  • Application form in prescribed proforma.
  • 4 (four) Registered with Council of Architecture under the Architects Act 1972 indicating his / her name, address, telephone number, clearly showing original construction in blue colour and proposed construction/construction to be regularized in red colour at a scale not less than 1: 100.
  • Certificate of supervision by Architect and structural Engineer alongwith a copy of their valid registration and qualification certificate.
  • Certificate of supervision by Plumber if changes in wet areas i.e. kitchen,bath,WC/Toilet are proposed or the services are being affected in any way alongwith copy of valid registration certificate of Plumber.
  • Proof of ownership documents: Lease deed / conveyance deed shall be taken as documents for the proof of ownership. Registered sale deed or general Power of Attorney /Agreement to sale shall be accepted as the proof of ownership only after the property has been converted into freehold by DDA. This will also be required from the owner(s) who have given NOC only.
  • Certificate by owner(s) and structural Engineer for safety from natural hazard as per the proforma prescribed by Ministry.
  • Indemnity Bond for structural stability on a non-judicial stamp paper of Rs. 100/- duly attested by 1st Class Magistrate/Notary Public. This Indemnity Bond will have to be given individually by all the owners of the vertical stack of flats. This will not be required from those owner(s) who have given NOC only.

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  1. Irus said

    these developmental issues are pretty hot in the newspapers in Delhi these days and the rumour mills working overtime, correct info on bylaws is hard to come by so this is just a FYI post for anyone googling for it 🙂 zzzzzzzz… time for a nap now. hahaha

  2. Irus said

    oh how does one go about digging? 😛

  3. ruhi said

    sleeping….zzzzzzz….so interesting..

  4. ruhi said

    Sure, I’m kidding! 🙂 I’m sure Delhiites will be very happy with your post. Submit it to a search engine like Digg so that more people come across it. It is pretty helpful stuff.

  5. ruhi said

    You need to make an account at http://digg.com and then submit your stories. Come back to your post and put the url between the tags [digg=”url”]

    and you are done! You can also add a handy tab to your sidebar (check my blog) that will let the reader add your post to any search engine that they like, not necessarily digg. You can get that tab from http://addthis.com

    Hope this helps..let me know if you need further assistance.

  6. Irus said

    hey thanks for the info!!! i tried digg! its interesting but takes too much time! this place is more of a personal diary! not looking at publicity!! 🙂

  7. Irus said

    haha u already know before hand it will be a popular post? and what are you upto its 4:26 AM here!

  8. ruhi said

    Sure..it takes about 5 minutes, I agree. I do it sometimes when I write a popular post. Else, I don’t bother.

  9. ruhi said

    Well it’s about 6 PM here..one of those lazy days! Just whiling away my time…updated my blog. Heh.

    haha u already know before hand it will be a popular post?

    Mistake- I do it when I write something on a popular topic, such as, Harry Potter.

  10. Lance Quagmire said

    I believe you mean “bylaws”.

  11. Invisagod said

    ah yes thank you Lance 🙂

  12. rajeshkoul said

    There possibly must be law of proportionate responsibility and liability according to which each resident shall have to pay monthly subscription on prorata basis with respect to size of their ownership….
    what does the law say on this?

  13. Reema said


    I would like to know if a NOC is required from the residents of the vertical stack for building a barsati on roof top?

    Please help as one of our neighbour residing downstairs in the vertical stack claims that he has full right on the terrace. He himself has encroached to the fullest with a room in the staircase too.

    Please help.

  14. Hari said

    Hi, I wish to know that can the water pumping motors be installed in the shaft of DDA Flats by the upper floor owners as I am resident of Ground Floor. And these water pumping machines creates lots of commotion/noise pollution as these run during early morning hours and late night hours. What is the remedy. we have requested the residents but they do not listen. Pl tell us the solution. Thanks

  15. rahul said

    i want to know how much height of boundry wall can be raised for peotection purpose of dda group housing pockets by rwa’s

  16. srinivas said

    i have a flat in 4th floor and i would like to construct barsaat on fifth floor whether this is allowed as per dda rules

  17. UGK said

    Mr. Srinivasan

    That is not allowed but you may take permission from the RWA or those in the vertical stack below your home for constructing the barsaati. Also note only ‘kacha’ material can be used for the construction. Also check if your house is freehold or not.

  18. Pradeep said

    Can 3rd room on the 3rd floor allowed if the covering area comes in the boundry of the building

  19. sanjay handa said

    i have a flat in 3rd floor and i would like to construct barsaat on 4th floor whether this is allowed as per dda rules


    • ashokvig said

      yes, a barsaat allowed the rule says A barsati on the roof terrace of the top floor in addition to mumty is allowed. This barsati should preferably be adjoining to the mumty and equivalent to the size of the room below so that construction of wall over is ensured at terrace level. This will be subject to the provision of access to the residents of the block for maintenance of water tank, plumbing system,fixing of TV/Cable antennas etc.

  20. sanjay handa said


  21. Janakpuri C2B said

    There is a gross violation in Block C2B of Janak Puri of Delhi 110058 in which two restaurant owners operating from flats 84A (Soya Express) and 86A (Zaika) have constructed vertical pipes or chimneys or flue stacks through their respective shafts which have only the minimum permissible area. These are DDA flats. The shafts are catering to 84-85 A, B, C and 86-87 A, B, C respectively. We don’t understand how permission was granted. If not granted, how did this escape notice? Who took how much money as bribe? A shaft is sacrosanct and its area cannot be reduced like this. The residents in 5 other flats adjoining these shafts (84 B, C, 85 A, B, C and 86 B, C, 87 A, B, C) each should have prevented this. That makes total ten households. Maybe they were intimidated into silence. What are chimneys doing on the terraces of a residential area of collective housing? What are these restaurants doing in a residential area in the first place? They are fantastic fire hazards. How could the Delhi Fire Service grant permission? If not granted, how could this have escaped notice? How could the restaurants cover their entire premises for commercal activity? And do you know, these restaurant people have the guts to lay out chairs in the green belt and park their vehicles on the pavement. It’s a fantastic chaos. Come take a look. But don’t come as a tourist, take pictures, EAT, and then drive away. The residents have to walk on the road to reach their own block. Could somebody please put these rascals out of business so that whatever little sanity is left in Delhi can be maintained?
    And guess what, the country has the guts to think that it could bid for the Olympics. Don’t ask what the connection is. The connection is that a country which violates its own laws, cannot take care of the rights of its own law abiding citizens, promotes illegal activities in the name of development and progress and beautification, should look in the mirror before pitching for Olympics. Now they will say, “ok we will not bid for Olympics”. Sigh…

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  27. G.R.Upadhyay (Mumbai) said

    sir let me know how bsnl residents association can be registered for better performance and betterment of the members.

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