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Relevance of Republic Day Parade

Posted by Irus on January 26, 2008

60 years and no change in format. Inspiring or embarrassing? Relevant or Irrelevant? or somewhere in between?

there are three perspectives to look at the issues

perspectives are:

1. what is the message going to the world?
2. what is the message going to the children in india in the age group of 6-14?
3. what is the intrinsic value of the item being showcased itself?

issues are:

1. PM and the wreath bearers out of sync. The bearers place the garland, then PM suddenly realizes that and rushes to touch the garland when it has been already placed on “Immortal Soldier” (amar javan). This shows not only his nervousness but absent mindedness and being ill prepared.

2. Everybody looking here and there during 2 minutes silence of who will guide them and when it will end including the PM. The protocols or lack of its practice was embarrassing to the viewer on the TV.

3. 4 items showing british india. indians beating indians. foreigners beating indians. using the word ‘slavery’ explicitly. (Is this the right message for young indian children today?) Why is the indian state hell bent on repeatedly reminding us “We are proud to be Indian” and “We are independent”. Yes we know that now kindly stop it !!

4. 1 item showing bhagat singh being hung. Nothing more nothing less. Intrinsic Value of the Item. Negative in my opinion.

5. Depressing start by giving posthumous awards and where president and awardees stand in awkward silence face to face till the announcements are over. This Gallantry awards ceremony only confuses the Celebrations and makes it start on a rather sad note. It will be a good idea to separate this from the main Republic Day Celebrations! Afterall are we celebrating or Mourning?

6. Gloomy and sullen faces of indian politicians not interacting with Sarkozy. President was noticed keeping her face away from French PM throughout. Extremely poor body language on part of our President. I wish she had shown greater enthusiasm and initiative in guiding Sarkozy like our erstwhile President APJ Kalam

7. Showcasing foreign purchased defence prowess. indigenous DRDO items were less than half a dozen. Point being we shop internationally?

8. a dozen bikers on a single bike. I appreciate the skill of the men but what is the purpose and importance of this?

9. One item showing coal mining, one showing steel manufacture. (These are global issues, not only indian.)


What indeed is the message india is trying to give with this show of might, pomp and power. Why the comically confused emotions of Celebration and mourning have been juxtaposed so closely that one doesn’t know whether to cry or feel happy?

The objectives of the Republic Day parade were to show the world 60 years ago that indians are united! Now the conoslidation of the Republic is complete. The Parade must adapt from being VIP and Defence Centric to being People Centric and be a hard look at what was done in the year and what more is to be done!


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DNS Servers

Posted by Irus on January 7, 2008

MTNL DNS servers work well most of the times but then intermittently create problems! In search for more reliable DNS Servers i found some and for everyones convenience posting a small list here. Feel free to use and spread the DNS addresses around. I’m personally using Verizon DNS servers on my MTNL modem these days.


MTNL DNS Servers


Verizon DNS Servers





7star’s DNS: and .8

(DNS configrations for different cities in India)
Mumbai giasbm01
Mumbai bom2
Mumbai bom3
Delhi giasdl01
Delhi dl2
Calcutta giascl01
Madras giasmd01
Madras md2
Pune giaspn01
Bangalore giasbg01
Bangalore blr
Ahmedabad ad1
Hyderabad hd1
Guwahati gw1
Chandigarh ch1
Jaipur jp1
Lucknow lw1
Panjim bom2
Kanpur lw1

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