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Windows XP lovers

Posted by Irus on March 6, 2008

500117088_f5dbec1244Loving my Windows XP SP3 RC2 OS and not impressed with Vista SP1 i was open to the more recent flavors of operating systems being doled out by Microsoft.

Last week i got the opportunity to play around with Windows Server 2008 and was mighty impressed with it. It allowed me to do everything on my Laptop which XP did and more.  You can see how to use a Server OS for your Laptop/Desktop here and here.

If you don’t mind formatting once in a couple of months (240 days to be precise) the $1000-$4000 Windows Server 2008 is available for free directly from Microsoft.

Without going in detail Server 2008 is surely better than Vista SP1 on many counts noteworthy is performance on my 512 MB machine.

So far It’s been a smooth transition and i did not require the service of XP in anyway.

At the time of writing this article Internet Explorer 8 beta 1 has been released by Microsoft which is loaded with new features. It feels great so far and I suggest you give it a go.

In conclusion if you are still in love with XP but open to moving on then i highly recommend having a look at Windows Server 2008.


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