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Prophet Mohammad’s birth date

Posted by Irus on March 1, 2015

In continuation of the last article where i explored Krishna’s birth date now its time to explore Prophet Mohammad’s birth date. Wikipedia provides no certain date but gives a round about figure of 570AD.

It is obvious that when someone who is as powerful as a messenger or prophet descends on Earth the planetary alignments in the sky would be fairly powerful. Therefore i set out to check whether any powerful alignments were happening close to this date.

Yes there were some very important planetary alignments happening within a decade of the given date of 570AD  as given below in this chart.


As can be seen all planets are in their houses of strength with the exception of Moon which is in the 2nd house in Aquarius. It is not evident from the chart above but moon and Saturn are conjunct which is evident from their degree positions. This is shows for a personality who is trying to structure (saturn) emotions (moon) of his larger family (moon in Aquarius – Kumbha meaning family). This is a somewhat painful combination to have in ones chart. However provides for the foundation of swift justice, exemplary punishment and strict laws for which middle east is even now well known. This sort of a personality would also be a necessary force to have any impact on nomadic, lawless desert tribes of long ago in the middle east. Even today middle east rolls in oil money and needs strict discipline to keep it from slipping.

Besides the above the chart is full of auspicious yogas as given below


Now the question arises what precise moment were the planets so aligned to have produced someone of the magnitude and impact of Prophet? That is given below in this chart.



It so happens that this day is also a Monday which is widely believed to be the day of his birth.

The above details are the most likely point in time when Prophet Mohamad might have been born in Mecca.


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