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Health benefits of Whisky drinking

Posted by Irus on July 24, 2007

pDrinking whisky can help protect you against cancer, a conference of international scientists have heard. Researchers have long hailed the anti-cancer properties of red wine due to its antioxidant content.Delegates at the EuroMedLab 2005 conference in Glasgow have now been told that whisky contains significantly higher levels of a powerful antioxidant that kills cancer cells.Dr. Jim Swan, an independent consultant to the worldwide drinks industry, discussed the art and science of whisky distilling, as well as its possible health benefits.

“There has been much inthe news about the health benefits of antioxidants in red wine.

“By contrast, very little has been said about malt whisky distillery science.

“However, research has shown that there are even greater health benefits to people who drink single malt whiskies. Why? Single malt whiskies have more ellagic acid than red wine.”

Dr. Swan said that ellagic acid is a highly effective ‘free radical scavenger’ that actually ‘absorbs’ or ‘eats up’ rogue cells that occur in the body during eating.

‘The free radicals can break down the DNA structure of our existing cells, which then leads to the risk of the body making replacement rogue cancer cells.

“So, whether you indulge in the odd tipple, or you are a serious connoisseur, whisky can protect you from cancer and science proves it,” he said.

But Dr. Lesley Walker, director of cancer information at Cancer Research UK, said: “On the contrary, there is considerable data documenting the link between drinking excess alcohol and the increased risk of a number of cancers, particularly in smokers.”


122 Responses to “Health benefits of Whisky drinking”

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  2. i think that fasting of 8 hours daily and drinking 4 ice glaced whisky will be a wonderfull remedy against hypertension.

  3. Adib Adel said

    Yesss…drink whisky regularly…lollzzz

  4. zingpotingalinga said

    wow that will simply cause brain haemorhage !!

  5. Jerry S said

    Is it the malted barley that is beneficial and/or will my favorite Canadian whisky (with corn, rye and barley) give me the same result? 🙂

  6. Sanjay said


    • Amey said

      Yeah. Dont drink more than 60 ml daily lest it should damage your liver permanently. So dear pal, please do take care on the quantity.Enjoy your drink.

    • Amey said

      Yeah. Dont drink more than 60 ml daily lest it should damage your liver permanently. So dear pal, please do consume lesser quantity for optimum health.Enjoy your drink and be merry.

  7. sahil said

    peg chaki chalo..life banai chalo..botal daily di..
    lekin whisky vadiya honi chahiye..

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  9. Abdul said

    whatever i love to drink whishky

    • rahul said

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      • vkg said

        let me know the effects of 100 ml scotch whyski daily

      • Roy said

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      • anthony said

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      • vivek said

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      • jojo said

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    • Anup said

      Rahul you are sir what I call a LUND. Alcohol is definitely not good for you

  10. pandit patil said

    is whisky is good for diabetes , please advice if any diebetic patient using regularly. Please post your reslts on quality_international@yahoo.com.au

    thanks and best regards

  11. Jornal do Whisky said

    More about whisky? http://jornaldowhisky.wordpress.com

  12. Name (required) said

    Hi im from Sweden. I am a scientist myself and i have adopted a sceptical vision about vast majority of new information. But its something strange with whiskey. I seriously have a very tactile/sensitive body and i have also been experimenting with different farmaceutical drugs. Nonlethal and nonsteorid (no permanent changes) of course. Alcohol normally has a negative effect on my body, i feel only drunk (of course it can come in handy but its no extraordinary effect). But with whiskey its something else. My body instantly reacts and i feel better and i cant figure it out. But i really really dislike drinking it. It tastes like shit and its often smoked (and i hate cigarettsmoke). I rather would be drinking cocacola or something. But the effect is really interessting if one attends ones body (takes practice). So i think its really good that there are groups investigating it. Btw i have an empty bottle here right now… 🙂

    • I am 62yrs old now. In my 50s I was having trouble sleeping, I did not have any dreams and my sleep was very light. I was also having joint pain and muscle pain. I started drinking whiskey, my sleep was better and the joint pain went away. Ask me why, I don’t know. I drink about 3 to 4 oz a night. Just sipping on it for about 2hrs. It was good to hear about the postive effects whiskey had with you.


    • Dhana said

      Hi,i am 34 years old.i am taking 360ml normal whisky per week from 6 years.[180ml on tuesday & 180ml on sat].is it harmful for me.i’ve no any helth problems.pl.reply and tell me the truth.thnx.

  13. bhinda said

    sare dukh door kardi aa bai… kam chakwan rakhnaaa…..
    mehfil lagdi rehri chahidi aa… peg chalde rehne chahide aaa……..

  14. Preet said

    koi peenda yaar bhulaun layi koi peenda yaar mnaun lai .

    asi roj peene a daroo par peene a yaar bithaun lyi kio bhinde


  15. bhinda said

    chakwin gal aa bai mannu siannn….
    khaiechhh fer aaj shamii…

  16. Preet said

    Meri ta koi gal ni mai ta ready a panga tera paina hor na hove tuvi mere nal 69 secter suta hove lolzzz

  17. sagar kumar said


    my name is sagar, i leave in delhi india,
    i want know, is whiskey drinking 180ml per day harmful for health? or how it effects its,

    • badshah said

      Dude…if ull think and drink it vll surely harm you..a person drinks to get himself relaxed. avoid drinking daily..but when ever u drink, do it as u wish.

    • Pratap Singh said

      Sure not good for health. Its damaged to your health. Take two pack daily not more than 90 Ml and after that heavy food is compulsory. Take care Sagar Kumar.

  18. Kate Stansfield said

    Another plus for whisky is that a measure provides only 50 calories if taken with water or ice only.A good blood thinner as well. I like it with hot water and a heather honey and it really does help when watching Today in Parliament.

  19. phil said

    i have noticed that people who drink whisky seem to live longer with fewer health issues if done responsibly….

    • ankur prashar said

      that depends upon the way u think.yes exess of every thing is bad but in limit its healthy and good.so drink less and enjoy more.succes mantra of drinking.

  20. pr33t said

    khaichhhh kive a bhinda mc kive lga fir shwarya vali da njara…..

  21. deep said

    whisky peene ha jin waste chaye ho bnai howe maran waste ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, cheers

  22. Rekha said

    scientist says drinking one quarter raw whisky is very good for health.

  23. rahul khanna said

    yes ofcourse drinking whisky is good for health.so drink only 100pipers the best scotch ever.

  24. mike said

    where are the results to proove this? I don’t see them. you cannot really proove it. I don’t listen to the government guidelines and let them try and worry me

  25. moti Jaykumar said

    i drink 180 ml whiskey daily did it is harmful

  26. arun said

    hi i am arun i am got into whisky from last 37 years iam drinking one half bottles of scotch foriegn brand but nothing happened to me still now,but my problem is i am not getting any high so what to do should i have one more extra pls reply waiting for your comment…………………………………………

    • badshah said

      arun u should change your brand for some time..and if u smoke…lite a cigrate with ur 1st drink only.::::i wont suggest you to drink in bottams up…bcoz …waise to bachpan me piya karte thae.hahaha.tc

  27. […] what can be learned at surispace.wordpress.com – Drinking whisky can help protect you against cancer, a conference of international scientists have […]

  28. rita tiwari said

    hi My Husband drinks daily royal stag whisky from last 6yrs which is worth of rs 105/- i just want to know that is it very harmful to lever, i love my husband very much,and i dont want him to get in trouble in future, because i have seen my neighbour uncle who used to drink daily ,he died due to his lever problem, his lever got spoiled, so can any one clear my doubts even i have a small daughter,my husnband and i love her very much.my husbands drink royal whisky in thumsup so can any one give some kind of idea, he drinks daily full bottle worth of rs 105/-.

    • Sid said

      Drinking a full bottle every bottle is defently unhealthy. I would say anything over 90 ml a day will harm your liver

    • Firstly, Full bottle of RoyalStag Whisky costs Rs.300/- (750 ml) for a full bottle and Rs.150/- (300 ml) for half bottle. If your husband is drinking a full bottle of Wisky every day since last 6 years, you must take him to a doctor and get a liver function test done. As mentioned above by sid, drinking any alkahole above 90 ml daily is not good for liver.

    • raj said

      hi rita tiwari ji i m drinking royal stag whickey from last 15 yrs till i m fine in every thing including my sexual life but as u say that u r hubby drinks one bottle daily its not possible b coz a common man get out of control after taking a half i takes only one quater daily so think of it one bottle is too much

    • masterbrewer said

      see liquor is good for health but only in moderation & yes the quality of liquor does make a difference. In your husband’s case any brand or quality will hurt him because of the amount he drinks, so it would be prudent to restrict quantities & drink to relax oneself & derive health benefits from it instead of launching yourself on a time bomb & waiting for it to explode, because eventually it will.

      Good luck!

    • Manu said

      Hi Rita Ji,

      I really felt emotional after reading your innocent comments that you are so concerned about your husband, Please try to request your husband to keep the quantity low, I have been discussing this from many experienced people Drinking with limits is not bad, Good Bless your Family.

      But By the way Royal Stag Full Bottle is About 320,

      I hope if you say Rs. 105 that means your husband is drinking a quarter, so don’t think he is drinking Full Bottle, he might be drinking quarter.


  29. CreoleLover said

    There’s nothing in the article that constitutes “proof,” just that delegates “heard” about the health benefits. If that’s the case I’ve been “hearing” about the health benefits of whiskey for the past 15 years. Huh, go figure, the town drunk had it right…

    PS- The only proof I need on my Jack is the “80 proof” that’s on the label.

  30. darshan kumar said

    drink whisky and stay happy

  31. martin m said

    i normaly take onel’in a normal day but diluted one.is harmfol when diluted.

  32. pupu said

    you all whisky fuckers.dont u know that ur stomach is increasing day by day.u all fat mother fuckers.drink beer….b a man u all son of fucken drunkers….

  33. raj kadel said

    hi i am raj from nepal currentely i m staying in doha qatar.
    everyday, i feel like to drink whisky. but when i start to drink,usually i get sotomech pen. comming fever, please give me good suggess what is better for me! its sure i feel like drink alcohal.

  34. ritu said

    its good for health…….
    keep it up…..

  35. hardy said

    i want to know tat whisky can help me gaining wieght
    can i take it with banana shake

  36. arose4u said

    i have been drinking whiskey for lat 40 years but now i am suffering from dibetes neuopathy. i told doc that i get releif by drinking malt based whiskey. but they dont beleive and told me to stop driking, atlast. can sombody tell me why n how malt based whisky is playing soothers role.

  37. lal singh said

    Drinking moderately daily is good 4 health,,,, too much of everything is harmful……. it should’nt be that—- RAAT KO PEE SARAB TO RAAT KAT GAYI AUR DIN KO KIA HISAB TO GAND PHAT GAYI…………………

  38. ballu said


  39. Ashish said

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  40. sonu gupta said

    yes definitely its beneficial to drink…..don’t be narrow minded dt alcohal only hv bad effects….. khul ke jiyo yaaro….but be a understood prson and dont drink overlimit

  41. SUNNY DHALL said

    pai gya whiskey da chaska………..hun coldrink piti jave na 🙂

  42. red hat said

    i m final engineering student and drinks a 150ml of malt whisky once to three times in a month.. is it damaging my liver..

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  44. Constantine njeru said

    This confirms what I have always suspected, that moderate whisky can help cure mild stomach upsets.


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  48. Eyo Asuquo said

    pls, what is the Health difference between Brandy and Whisky? how much of its consumption is too much? thank you.

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  51. Dhana said

    Hi,i am 34 years old .i drink, regular wisky twice a week.360ml in 2 parts.180ml[tue],180ml[sat].pl.tell me is this quantity will be harmful for my helth.how much i can drink in a weekwithout any side effect.

  52. green tea said

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  56. annarivas said


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  57. Sripadma said

    Doctors are telling that if you drink not good for health. Monthtly two to three times about 60 ml if daily means not exceeding 30ml. Some pepole used to tell that after boozing have a very good meals particulary curd rice but dont sleep in empty stomach. It affects the liver.

  58. Before drinking think your family, mother, father, wife and children. Please limit the drinking if you suffer the family will suffer. Some people have written 180 ml daily. Thats not good. It will make you drink more. Control drinking by going outdoors, engage yourself and dont be lonely. if you are lonely that will make you drink more.

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  68. mary said

    Hi, I am Irish and 41 years of age my granfather is 95 and is the youngest of six all of whom are alive 97, 99, 101, 103, 104 all of which will tell you there secret is a glass of whiskey each night , it most definately works for these guys and it sure as hell hasn’t done them any harm at 95 my granda has never been to a doctor, or eye clinic and is Probaly fitter than me

  69. I had my first scotch on the rocks the other night and yes it was strong but it was so relaxing i felt like i was in another world for a good 8 hours i felt so relaxed and so sexy when i went to the bar and said the special words “I’ll have a Scotch on the rocks please” and was simply enjoying the drink i am a woman by the way but the malted taste and having the vayjay to drink it with just ice was great i enjoyed it. Its good to enjoy a good drink as part of the pleasures on this planet i did just forget about all the alcoholics you can’t appreciate a drink and end up drinking lots i can appreciate just the one drink for what it is.

  70. I would just love to have a scotch while working on my Macbook Pro or while watching Basic Instinct if you know what i mean.

  71. Who knew a scotch on the rocks would release my hypertension and sex drive

  72. I’m so sexy!!

  73. ultimate maqui berry said

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    previous technologies, it’s amazing article.

  74. I have always been against alcoholic beverages but many sources like this tell that they have health benefits too. Thank you for this information.

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  76. Theo said

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    He was once entirely right. This post truly made my day.
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  77. Patsy said

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    me. I’m looking forward for your next post, I will try to get the hang of it!

  78. hunter said

    I rarely comment, however i did a few searching and
    wound up here Health benefits of Whisky drinking
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  79. sanjit kumar said

    I like the wiskey regularly but little little pack of 2.its enough
    It’s good for health

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  81. […] Health benefits of Whisky drinking « But the Obvious! – Jul 24, 2007  · Drinking whisky can help protect you against cancer, a conference of international scientists have heard. Researchers have long hailed the anti-cancer … […]

  82. Hi there, yup this paragraph is really good and I have learned lot of things from it concerning blogging.

  83. hrry said

    Iknow two elderly who wereregularly consumingwhiskey for past two decades before theirdeath. Both were exsevicemen, dads of my two different friends. Both developed kidney failure and undergoing dialysis. one died withan amputated leg after diabetes two-year ago, another died two days ago after serious sickness.
    Whiskey s great as long as you can digest it and eliminate from ur body, but u failed and u get digested by whiskey, u’ll be dead.
    Thanks for reading,& u can believe in what I said is true

  84. Hi I have regularly drink 20ml royal stag it’s good for health

  85. Aged person and indian said

    All believe the god super power, may be bhagavan, allah, jesus how ever it may be, But don’t use bad words when u chat.Behave ur self and give respect to every one.If u believe or not. Our super power all ways keep angles to us.If unknowingly u touch the candle u can get fire accident. so mistake is like a fire. So be careful and give respect to others. Thanks

  86. konsam diraj singh said

    I am a regular drinker and do believe in the good result of drinking whiskey in moderate amount

  87. konsam diraj singh said

    Its better to drink in moderate amount

  88. SUMANTA DUTTA said


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