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Resident Welfare Association : Duties to residents

Posted by Irus on September 2, 2011

After RWA begins functioning it has certain responsibilities for maintenance of common areas of the colony.

The following is the schedule which the RWA of any colony is supposed to follow


S. No. Items Periodicity (Once in years)
1 Grit Wash 10
2 Stair Well (Plaster + White Wash)
a White Wash 3
b Plaster 3
3 Railings (Staircase and Common Landings) 3
4 Flooring (Staircase and Common Landings  5
5 Mudphaska (Roof+Mumty) 2
6 Sanitary Lines (Drainage+Sewerage)
a 100MM 3
b 75MM 3
7 Repair of Window Chajjas 10
8 Repair of balconies 10


Residents are required to ensure that the RWA is working properly and carrying out all the above work as per schedule.

In case of any problem the residents may complain to the requisite authority.


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