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Indian Premier league – Cricket

Posted by Irus on May 25, 2008

By now many statistician’s have had their say on the numbers being churned out from the freshly introduced IPL. Common observation shows the average innings score of twenty twenty cricket is around 150. Last i remember ODI’s were breaking the 300 barrier and inching towards the 400 horizon. Some people including me have lost a sense of approximation and prediction of what’s a good score since IPL came. An easy way to make converts of fence sitters like me would be to bring the score’s in this format as close to the ODI’s as possible. Yes lazy indeed we are, but on behalf of all laggards like myself i present a humble suggestion of converting 4’s in 8’s and 6’s into 10’s. This should bring back the half centuries and full centuries and also the total inning scores pretty much on par with ODI’s, making our lives so much simpler and hopefully more converts and more moolah for the league.


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