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Lord Buddha’s birth date

Posted by Irus on March 1, 2015

In continuation of the series covering probable birthdates for Krishna, Prophet Mohammad and Aryabhatta now it is time to look at Lord Buddha’s birth date. It is advised to read those articles before continuing because some concepts of deriving birthdates are common as are some other themes and will not be repeated here.

Lord Buddha’s birth date is given as either 583 BC or 480 BC in Wikipedia. After checking for Aryabhattas birth date which was shifted from 813BC to 499AD – a shift of 1312 years and not finding any important planetary alignments in sky for 583BC or 480BC it was logical to check for years at 583bc+1312 years – 1895BC and 480BC+1312years at 1792 BC years.

Another clue was Zoroasters birth date close to that of Buddha. How could two important figures born so close to each other have no important planetary alignments in sky?

As such it was imperative to explore planetary alignments close to 1895BC and 1792BC. The former yielded no results but the latter date yielded results for 1787BC and 1806BC. After analyzing the charts it was clear the the 1787 chart belonged to Buddha and the latter probably to Zoroaster. The 1787BC chart is given below



(The debate on his birthplace being Kapileshwar or Lumbini is moot for this post because they both are very close longitudinally.)



The Interesting part about this chart is Sun (ego) is conjunct Ketu, wherever ketu is placed we try to move away from that aspect, in this case Buddhas struggle with his ego is well known. Another feature of this chart is Jupiter in capricorn which is in the sign of its fall as such Buddha was striving for salvation. This also makes it clear the difference between an avtar and messenger/prophet where there is no struggle for liberation on the part of Avtar.

Finally besides other prominent yogas the chart has Sadhu and Tapaswi Yoga and Budha was a known ascetic.



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