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Tanu Weds Manu returns – review

Posted by Irus on May 23, 2015

Going by the trailer and songs of this movie on youtube – Banno and Ghani Bawri, without a question this was the sweetest movie of 2015 i was anticipating, if just for Kangana Ranaut and by jove did she deliver. If you are are in a hurry like i was to watch it on the first day then GO NOW and watch it; skip this review entirely till afterwards!

However if you are basking in the warm afterglow of having already watched it then you should stick around and we should have a tete-a-tete over a cup of kool aid of the sexy Banno i’ve been drinking, promise it tastes great!

The concept and theme of the movie revolves around the ironic hilarity that ensues the moment one enters the institution of marriage but in the words of Raja Awasthi underlying which is cement that sticks the two bricks together. It is this profound sense of oneness between a couple which the movie is about. The same characters from the first movie are present in this movie however Kusum is the new entry.

swagKusum is a rustic haryanvi beauty – a character played by Kangana Ranaut as a double role in addition to the original character of Tanuja, probably the best character created for her so far. The young restless, strong headed, able bodied, straight talking national level athlete who smashes her opponents Jat style has been portrayed so well by Kangana that you’d hope this was someone real you could hang out with.

This movie is not perfect though and the plot is a little over crowded. For example the story could have been streamlined and kidnapping of Komal Ahuja or the test tube baby bit or the lecture on women empowerment could have been done away with. Also the starting scene could have been played out in Delhi between the couple from where Tanuja could have returned to Kanpur, which would have been more logical. Zeeshan Ayyubs character was also frivolous and could have been done away with. Jimmy Shergill and Deepak Dobriyal have done well in their roles as have the rest of the cast.

In an effort to please everyone the ending, left a little bit to be desired where the strong headed Kusum betrays the strengths of her character and opts out of the marriage. Somehow that did not sit too well with me.

Madhavans character didn’t have much to do however it was the ending where the growth in his character into a strong personality could have been shown and where he might have chosen to complete the marriage with his new found love. This could have given some hope for a part 3 on a more solid footing where the opening scene could have started as a fight between Madhavan and Kusum just like part 2 started and the story could have shown a second round of matching between the characters. The chances of another sequel stand slim as of now.

I would have also preferred if the interaction between the characters was more elaborate, and the personalities more layered for example the confrontation between Kusum and Tanuja was powerful, more such scenes between different family members would have definitely helped. Some dialogues could have been added between the family, Tanuja and Madhavan right after the Ghani bawri song.

On the whole however this is a fantastic movie and head and shoulders above all the movies released so far this year; afterall Banno tera Swagger Lagge Sexy!! Bollywood learn from TWM team we want to see more of this more often!


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