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About me

I’m currently a student at DU and like to surround myself with issues of Law, Technology, Governance, Life and so on. You are most welcome to leave your comments and suggestions here. Although there is no  comments policy on this blog kindly keep the comments of a particular topic in that topic and not discuss it here. Thanks a lot for your co-operation.


11 Responses to “About me”

  1. candydude said


    gr8 scotts…!
    yu seem to know shit in all areas
    pretty kewl~!


  2. moti lal gautam said

    What is the new pay scale of 6th pay commission.

  3. deepak said

    Everyone is thinking about officer. nobody is thinking about the PBORs. they are actually the backbone of Armed forces but everyone is thinking about the Officers pay. they are not thinking that the PBORs are also demoralized the 6th pay commission report. can anybody tell that what they are thinking about the PBORs. All are thinking made the officer happy and they will manage how to control the emotions of the PBORs financially they are face same problems so think about PBORs also because they also have family & childrens so think please.

  4. prabha said

    How did your mains go?

  5. Yash said

    Our society was declared as defunct society and now the elections are held under the external election officer appointed by Dy. Registrar. What is the process to change the status of society from defunct to functional and how do we renew the society’s tenure as it is coming to an end soon.

  6. Vignesh said

    hi..could you please tell me about defence officers joining the IFS/IAS? Are there given any consideration whatsoever.?Are you aware of nay defence officers who shifted to IAS ?thank you.

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  8. MK Singh said

    Dear Irus, Refer to Resident welfare Association Laws – Point ix -Elections sub point (g) An elector shall be entitled to propose or second only one nomination paper. In case he/she has proposed one nomination paper and also seconded another nomination paper, in that case both the nominations would be invalid.

    I want to know whether one person can not propose for more than one person for any post or for one post. i:e say he can propose one name for presidents post , another name for secretaries post. but he can not propose two names for presidents post.


    He can propose for any one post say presidents and if he proposes some one for another post say vice president it is invalid.


  9. Raghuvir Singh Syal said

    what is the basic pension of a naib subedar group d who has served for 19years and 4 months service and retired on 30the November 1995?

  10. ankit said

    i wana know the pay scale of newly recruited IAS officer after 6th pay commission…
    and i know know that an IAS as a collector gets a very nice accommodation ,vehicle with red beacon and many othe facilities..
    but what does an IFS gets at home???
    i heard that foreign officers are also appointed at home for a particular span of time, then what do they get in home? all facilities like IAS??
    Are they always posted in delhi when being posted in MEA at home?? vehicle with red beacon??
    one more is here …
    if i become an IFS then, can i take my wife with me there in foreign land having the govt. allowances??
    and as an IFS ,, we become an ambassdor after long span like 20 or 30 years??
    while an IAS become immidiatly the Collector i.e the key postong..
    what salary we get as an third secratory as a trainee?
    these things make me think that IAS is better then IFS……
    plz ans my questions…

  11. V Kumar said

    Do you have any Information/Court ruling in the following context –

    Authority that can enforce rules and regulations framed by general body of a registered DDA flat owners RWA: If such an RWA wants to enforce its rules and regulations and some adamant resident continues to act against social sense despite RWA advise and pressure, followed thereafter by advise from Police (senior level), what enforcement course or route is available to the RWA. Police excuses itself saying that it can only TRY to suggest sense but since the case is of civil nature and not criminal (or has not taken a criminal turn YET) it is beyond enforcement by Delhi Police.

    Before going to the court, is there any other authority that resolves civil disputes falling under RWA rules and regulations ?

    What are the government guidelines? Any answers that can help DDA flat owners RWAs?

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