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Pioneering Work by Delhi Police

Posted by Irus on October 5, 2007



Adoption of senior citizens by school children.

To take care of senior citizen.

As and when required.


Ghoduli – This is the entry i came across on the website of Delhi Police. I’m amazed that such an innovative idea could come from Delhi Police bureaucrats!

Building on this is another scheme where profiles of senior citizens staying in old age homes are prepared and filed for perusal by young adopters of elderly. Yes you read it right grand children are now adopting grand parents – and loving it!

The program since it’s inception sometime back has been a great success with 200 senior citizens being adopted in various families in the City.

The youngsters get the love, affection and experience of wizened grandparents and the latter get a place to call their home and and a family.

Is the society which hitherto wanted nuclear families at any cost and dumped anyone within a shadow of the word old, really becoming sensitive?

Is this truly the Ageless Generation ?


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