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DNS Servers

Posted by Irus on January 7, 2008

MTNL DNS servers work well most of the times but then intermittently create problems! In search for more reliable DNS Servers i found some and for everyones convenience posting a small list here. Feel free to use and spread the DNS addresses around. I’m personally using Verizon DNS servers on my MTNL modem these days.


MTNL DNS Servers


Verizon DNS Servers





7star’s DNS: and .8

(DNS configrations for different cities in India)
Mumbai giasbm01
Mumbai bom2
Mumbai bom3
Delhi giasdl01
Delhi dl2
Calcutta giascl01
Madras giasmd01
Madras md2
Pune giaspn01
Bangalore giasbg01
Bangalore blr
Ahmedabad ad1
Hyderabad hd1
Guwahati gw1
Chandigarh ch1
Jaipur jp1
Lucknow lw1
Panjim bom2
Kanpur lw1


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MTNL TriBand and IPTV via Linksys WRT54G – updated with Screenshots

Posted by Irus on December 23, 2007

How to avoid paying for getting MTNL Broadband on your 3rd party Wireless router after installation of MTNL IPTV.


1. IBM Laptop T42 Wifi equipped

2. Linksys WRT54G

3. MTNL TKD 4 port wired router

5. HP PSC printer to be configured


to get wifi access to internet and printer on the laptop and keep the iptv running as well on the TV without renting the wifi mtnl modem.


Internet access is up via wired ethernet on the laptop by directly connecting MTNL TKD to the laptop. Keep TKD, WRT and Printer switched off. Also all LAN cables are unplugged.

SETUP – your settings should be exactly like below. Not more not less.

1. clear TCP/IP settings from control panel-network connections-wireless and wired lan cards. Input following settings in the Wireless lan card

2. Turn on the printer first (make sure it is set to obtain IP address automatically from printer network settings in the printer itself.)

3. Turn on TKD and reset it. Connect Printer with TKD wired router via ethernet cable in any 1 of the 4 ports.

4. Turn on WRT54G and reset it.

5. Access WRT54G settings by typing in internet explorer.

6. Connect TKD with WRT via ethernet cable from any LAN port of TKD to Internet port. 


   If you get “Connected” like in the screen shot below it means all your settings have been done correctly.


After the settings ensure that your Wireless connection  is secure by following the below two Screen shots.

If there are many Wifi networks in your area it is a good idea to make your connection invisible by disabling SSID broadcast. 


If you have disabled SSID ensure that you tick the option of “Connect even if…” in the below screen shot on your computer.


Your Settings in MTNL Modem should use the Bridge mode as given below. No need to enter DNS/Username/Password in the Modem. 




That is it! enjoy! Post if you have any problems, will try to address depending on time.



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Expected speed on your ADSL2+ connection

Posted by Irus on October 5, 2007

internode-adsl2-distance Use the given chart to find what kind of speed your ADSL/ADSL2+ ISP will be able to provide for a given plan on offer.

Line Attenuation can be located in MTNL router settings by going to Advanced –> ADSL

Line Attenuation and distance from the exchange are directly related. The further you are from the exchange the higher will Line Att. be.

However, the speed is inversely related to both the above variables.

Example, My line attenuation is 27.0 dbM downstream, implying i live around 2 kms from the exchange. Tracing this on the Y graph you can see my ADSL2+ connection will support services upto 17-18 Mbps. i.e. IPTV (3Mbps) and Broadband (2Mbps) will run smooth simultaneously.

Example 2, suppose the line attenuation was more than 45.0 then it would be borderline case of being able to run the 2 services of iptv and broadband simultaneously.

Accordingly, see for yourself what kind of service quality and line speed you can get before paying for a more expensive ADSL plan from your ISP.

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