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Cluster Maps

Posted by Irus on June 15, 2007

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Women on top

Posted by Irus on June 15, 2007

As long as women stay on top, India stays on top. When men get on top, India goes down. Wondering what a female chauvinistic pig i am ? a traitor to the men folk ?

Not really, this only refers to the kamasutric sexual position which can help bring down the population of a country where an average woman produces more than 3 kids in her life time.

Interestingly, it is not only the Biology class in School which brings smirks on the faces of students. In fact even economics class does so when it mentions the causes of population rise in India as Sex being a Rural Recreation.

Today 158.4 million people in India live in urban slums and 234 million in all are below the poverty line. Worldwide 2007 is the watershed year which will be remembered in the coming times when the urban population exceeded the rural population. This mass exodus won’t only result in Mega cities such as NY or Tokyo or Mumbai but also shrinking cities right from San francisco to Detroit to Leipzig to Ivanovo to Bangkok and Banjul eventually causing their extinction.

Today ignoring the poor and slum dwellers in the battle against population can spell the death knell for mega cities in the 22nd century. By any means, whatsoever as humane in a way as possible population increase must be curbed.

Sonia Gandhi in a speech in Netherlands recently commented that, “Only Centrist politics works in India due the the diversity present in the nation”. Madam, have you wondered what will happen when the 1971 population census will cease to operate, for the purpose of determining Parliamentary representation of states, and the next census at 2026 will be adopted? The southern states controlling their population very well will have diminished representation in the Parliament in the wake of the fact that North Indian BIMARU states of UP, MP, Bihar and Rajasthan will have the majority say in running the country, simply because they failed to control their populations.

Yes of course why will the South want to stick to India as it is? It will want a partition. India as we know it won’t exist anymore. Also, why southern states might want to split is the drying up of Fresh Water sources in North India owing to Global warming by 2030 but that is outside the scope of this post.

The time is gone when Indira Gandhi imposed high handed and inane measures which kept future parties from touching the population issue with a 20 foot pole. The public has forgotten those times.

The need of today is tightening the population control measures even if they sound absurd as long as they work! Out of the box thinking is the need of the hour and not romping on the box!

Women on top, Sonia Gandhi and Pratibha Patil are you listening? The balls are in your court.

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Duality of Truth

Posted by Irus on June 12, 2007

A balanced view is as rare as it is valuable. Take for instance the popular philosophical concept of staying in the present. ‘Don’t think of the future’ we are advised. But if one did not think of the future where would we be?

Similar is the popular debate between individualism and unselfishness. The West is typically shown as being individualistic. The East is more family oriented. So which principle is right? Again, both. The two principles are applied in two different choices. In the choice of a field of activity, we must go by our ‘swadharma’ or inherent nature but actions in the field must be unselfish. If one’s nature is to be a doctor, choose medicine. Nothing else should influence our choice of what to do. However, having chosen the field of activity, in it, in the choice of individual actions, it is vital to be unselfish.

We express our concern for others in the field we have chosen. In other words, we must be unselfish in our chosen field of activity. In the choice of becoming a doctor the only factor to be considered is his nature or inclination. Having become a doctor, he must practice concern for others. Thus individualism and unselfishness coexist.

It is pertinent to note that Quantum mechanics suggests the concept of Dual reality as well. The next logical step in the spiritual exploration is a study of Quantum mechanics. So till then.

Adios fellows.

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Bureaucratic parlance – What Vs. Why

Posted by Irus on June 11, 2007

What is what and what is why? why is what and why is why?

Which of the above two question makes grammatical sense as it is ? It’s quite obvious the former question.

It is stated most often in this world that he who goes to the root cause is the one who can deal best with the issue. At other times it is said not he who asks ‘what’ but he who asks ‘why’ is miles ahead. Let’s take a simple example to prove the importance of what if not its superiority.

Suppose an IPS/IAS officer faces trouble with a mob vandalizing his district. He comes to the scene and tries to take a note of what happened.

The “What” route.

Q1 What happened?

Q2 What is to be done?

Q3 What does the rule book say?

Q4 What does the senior say?

Q5 What does common sense say?

Finally apply the solution and the situation is resolved.

The “Why” route.

Q1 Why did it happen?

Q2 Why was this not averted?

Then if the person in charge is smart he takes the ‘What’ route and otherwise he gets bogged down by the reformist stand. In case he continues the ‘why’ approach eventually he will fail at serving the system sooner than later.

‘Why’ is a right wing reformist word associated with reformers, researchers and academicians. Not with people who have to be spontaneous fast and effective and have to perform on the spur of the moment.

So which approach is superior? In my opinion proclaiming the superiority of one approach over the other is initially, on the face of it for “what” approach. However realistically all answers to “what” questions have to be answered with “whys” and only then the next step follows.

Both questions beautifully complement each other, without one assisting the other most mysteries of this world would have remained unresolved today.

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