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Shri Krishna’s birth year

Posted by Irus on February 28, 2015

Recently i came across a poem by Surdas which eulogized Shri Krishna and described the position of planets at the time of birth in the following verses.

            Samvat saras vibhavan, Bhado aath tithi budhvaar,

            Krishan paksh Rohini, Ardh nisi harshan jogudaar,

            Vrish hai lagan, ucha ke nisipati, tanhi bahutsukh pe hai,

            Chauthe sinh rasi ke dinkar, jiti sakal mahi lehey,

            Panchvey budh kanya ko jo hai, putrani bahut bade hai,

            Chatvey shukra tula ke shani jut datru rahan nahipe hai,

            Unch neech yuvati bahu kari hai, satvey rahu pare hai,

            Bhagye bhavan mei maker mahi sut, nahu aishvarya bade hai,

            Laabh bhavan mei meen brihaspati, nav nidhi ghar mei aihey,

            Karam bhavan ke iis, sanichar syam baran tan aihey,

            Aadi sanavan parbra ham prabhu, ghat-ghat antarjami,

            Sau tumhare avtarey aani ke, Surdass ke swami.

This poem when translated gives the following planetary position at the time of his birth as widely believed to be his birth chart.

kundli sri krishna 3


In general planets are considered to be in their positions of strength when they are situated in the following zodiac signs

Sun in Aries or Leo

Moon in Taurus or Cancer

Mars in Aries or Scorpio or Capricorn

Venus in Taurus or Libra or Pisces

Mercury in Gemini or Virgo

Jupiter in Cancer Sagittarius or Pisces

Saturn Libra Capricorn or Aquarius

Rahu in Taurus

Ketu in Scorpio

Although some astrologers consider the reverse signs for strength to be true for Rahu and Ketu. (Hart de Fouw, Robert Svoboda, BV Raman)

For an Avatar (incarnation of God) to be born all 9 planets have to be in their position of strength giving rise to some marvelous yogas. For comparison Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India is still remembered and he had 2-3 such planets in their position of strength.

Initially i thought this chart for Shri Krishna with Taurus Ascendant was for 18th July 3228 BC given to be widely his birthdate (Fig1) generally attributed to Shri BV Raman. However that was not the case at all and the chart for this date was wide off the mark as given below (Fig2)

Krishna birthdate FIG2

This made me search for Lord Krishnas birthday using the Jaganatha Software which uses swiss ephemeris based on NASAs JPL data from 5400BC – 5400AD.

Fortunately while searching i hit the right date and got the chart which almost perfectly matched the description of planets in space for Shri Krishnas birth given by Surdas. The chart thus found for Shri Krishna is given below. (Fig3)

Krishna birthdate 4516bc FIG3


The above chart (Fig3) has been cast using the birth details as birth time 23:50 hrs, birth date 12 June 4516 BC, place of birth Mathura, India.

As you can see the Sign chart (Rasi) on the left and House chart (Bhava chalit) all planets are in their houses of strength yet there is just slight variation compared to what is available through Surdas’s poem but broadly fit within the principles  as all planets are powerfully placed.

Nevertheless to further authenticate the chart there are some additional details surrounding Lord Krishnas birthdate which can be verified – time of birth as Bhado Krishan Asthami, mid-night, Rohini nakshatra, Harshan yoga, Taurus ascendant, Wednesday.


 Krishna birth tithi etc FIG4


As can be seen (Fig3 and Fig4) the conditions of midnight birth in Taurus Ascendent, Rohini Nakshatra, Bhado month (Bhadrapada) and Harsha Yoga are fulfilled. Also the remaining condition of Wednesday birth and Ashtami tithi are well within margin of error since tithi is Saptami (7th which is 34.28% left to Ashtami) and being born on a Thursday which is just a day away from Wednesday and well within margin of error when we are going back 6531 years and converting to Gregorian calendar.

Since the date of Krishna’s birth has been identified it is easy to identify the date of start of Kaliyuga since Shri Krishna lived for approximately 125 years 7 months and 6 days (some say 126 years and 5 months). So the beginning date of Kaliyuga would be around 6th November 4390 BC.

That is all for now folks, hope you found the article useful.


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