But the Obvious!

Aryabhatta’s birth date

Posted by Irus on March 1, 2015

After identifying Shri Krishna’s birth date in the earlier post it was important to derive the Kali Yuga date which was identified as 6th November 4390BC.

Aryabhatta mentioned that at the time of his 23rd birthday 3600 years of kaliyuga had passed. Presumably his birthday was then 813BC instead of 499AD as mentioned in Wikipedia. Also in such a scenario astronomical verification is not necessary.

Therefore a shift 1312 years is noted in Aryabhattas birth date.

It is quite astounding that in a country where even family birth/death details are recorded precisely that such notable figures would be found to have controversial birth dates.

The importance of keeping an oral tradition of history becomes very clear in such a situation and role of regional languages in preserving the cultural ethos apparent.


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