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Sixth Pay Commission – Pay Scales Released

Posted by Irus on March 21, 2008

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Updated 25th March 2008:-

Official : Sixth Pay Commission Pay Calculator

Comparing fifth and sixth Pay Commission reports.


Some Observations :-

  1. Fifth CPC terminology of “Basic Pay” is comparable to Sixth CPC terminology of “Total Pay”.

  1. All previous pay commissions taken on average had given an increase of 3.3 times for basic pays.

  1. Sixth Pay commission has raised Basic/Total Pay 2.5 times on average and is lagging behind the previous pay commissions by 25% approximately.

  1. However allowances have been increased e.g. TA and Children education etc. quantum of increase being more than previous pay commissions.

  1. On the whole legitimate needs of employees have been met like Finance Minister stated during budget but it is far from being a Bonanza!

  1. What do you think does this CPC fulfill your expectations?

The full-text of the report has been released and put up on the web site of Sixth Central Pay Commission. Here are the links:

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and finally studies on which CPC recommendations are based


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